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Patient Suggestions

The surgery has created this online suggestion form following a suggestion from a patient who was frustrated at having to call in to the surgery to leave a written suggestion in the box in the waiting room.

The surgery welcomes suggestions for improvement as often it is difficult to appreciate / understand the patient experience from the "other side of the fence" and without feedback it is impossible to put improvements in place.

Suggestions for the decoration / patient experience / logistics in preparation for the new surgery building are especially welcomed at this time.

All suggestions will be considered by the management team and feedback will be provided to people making the suggestions on the surgery website (unless specific feedback is requested). Please see the Complaints, Comments and Suggestions page for this information.

Sometimes suggestions are not within the surgery's power to put in place and in these cases, where it is felt appropriate, other organisations may be consulted for support i.e Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group / Friends of Stow Surgery.

1Patient Suggestions

Please leave blank if you prefer to remain anonymous

Although sending information across the Internet means that privacy of data cannot be absolutely guaranteed, our online forms offer high levels of security. The forms use HTTPS and TLS (using a 2048 bit certificate) to encrypt data sent to and from your computer when using the site and our server environment is PCI DSS certified - the highest standard of security associated with e-commerce and online finance solutions.

Form submissions are stored on the server for 28 days and are encrypted and secured with a private key known only by the GP Practice.

Should you have any concerns about sending your personal details using the web, please use one of the alternative methods offered by our organisation.

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