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Autism Awareness



Autism Patient Charter

The Royal College of General Practitioners has worked with Autism Alliance UK to produce a patient charter. At Stow Surgery we shall be reviewing how we can work within the charter to make our GP surgery more "autism-friendly". We want to offer people with autism the highest quality of care and support. Therefore we shall be working towards:-

  • Staff Awareness - ensuring that all surgery staff are more "autism aware" through access to the provision of guidance. 
  • Environment - working with people with autism and parents of children with autism to develop a autism-friendly environment in the confines of our current building and seeking views for the development of our proposed new building.
  • Identification / Disclosure - making reasonable adjustments should staff suspect a patient has autism and creating an environment where people feel comfortable disclosing their condition should they wish to.
  • Communication and Customer Service - ensuring that staff are aware of the different ways people with autism may choose to communicate and we will try to communicate by the most appropriate means for the individual concerned.
  • Challenging Behaviour and Meltdowns - making staff aware of the likely cuases of challenging behaviour and how to communicate effectively with someone in distress.

Using GP and Hospital Services

Going to the Doctor - patient leaflet

Making the most of your visit to the GP

My Hospital Passport

My Hospital Passport is a resource for people with autism who might need hospital treatment. The passport is designed to help people with autism communicate their needs to doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. See the link below for further information.

My Hospital Passport - example

What is Autism?

Click here to view a short informative video on Autism and how you can help.

or Alternatively click here to read about Autism, it's characteristics and more.

What is Asperger Syndrome?

Asperger Syndrome is a form of Autism, click here for more information about it.

All About Diagnosis

For everything you need to know about diagnosis and what to do following it, click here.

Autism Diagnosis for Adults

Here you can find information about diagnosis for adults who are – or think they are – Autistic.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder - Real Stories

Click here to read real stories about people living with Autism, and begin to view the world from their point of view.

Autism Spectrum Research Projects

Newcastle University, in partnership with organisations across the UK are receruiting to two national autistic spectrum research projects that have NHS Ethical Approval. 

Study 1 is a project that aims to learn much more about the life experiences of both adults with an autistic spectrum disorder and relatives of adults.

Study 2 gathers data from parents about children on the autistic spectrum.


Gloucestershire Autism Strategy - patient survey

Along with partners GCC and the National Autistic Society, Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group are developing an autism strategy for Gloucestershire and would like to include the views of people of all ages with autism and their parents/carers. 

The links below are for two separate surveys (children/adults).  We would be grateful if you could please draw this survey to the attention of individuals you are in contact with who have a diagnosis of autism.

Children’s survey

Adult survey

Ready, Steady, Go and Hello - a transition programme for young people into adult services

Further Information and Support




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